Hope Vet Care – Vets (FT/PT), come do the HEART work!

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Oct 26

“We don’t enter this profession for money; we enter it to help animals have a better life,
This isn’t a 40-hour week job. It is a passion. It is a professional pathway to inner peace and job satisfaction” ~ Dr. Withrow

At Hope, We do the Heart work, and would like you to help make it better.

Vets, Full time or part time positions, are welcome to apply.

We’re a bunch of friendly, close-knitted family who look out for one another while we take care of the animals and the clients. We have fun while doing it, look out for your sanity and respect your mental health.

We are a team of problems solvers quick to find solutions. Come leap with us!

Here’s what our current staff has to say. Ask them in person too!

“At Hope, I am part of the team to nurse the pets back to health. I have been working for ten years and it is still rewarding for me as I make a real difference to the animals and their family while they are on the road to recovery.”

“Why I look forward to going to work everyday and make that Long commute:

⁃ ITS MY PASSION! (Not just a job)

⁃ I love caring for my patients so that they never have to suffer. I find a deep sense of satisfaction in being of direct service to others and at Hope

I get to spend quality time with the patient and client and not feel rushed while we are doing it. There’s not a day that goes by where a new patient doesn’t touch my heart ❤

⁃ I love the diversity of different cases here and find joy in learning something new and gaining knowledge everyday”

“I have a great team to back me up as I’m learning the ropes. I feel supported with positive vibes and encouragement. Boss is open to listen, discuss matters and very meticulous . We all will give and take and we are a family team”

Check us out at our website and shoot us an email which of our Values you identify with. Tell us why you would be one of our pillars at Hope and come make a difference!