Advanced VetCare @ Balestier – Veterinarian

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Oct 28

Tired of your old job and getting stale due to the repetitive caseloads? Are you looking to bring your skillset and knowledge to the next level? Do you feel underpaid at your current job and is looking for a more competitive package?Just getting out of vet school and looking to embark on your exciting vet journey?

At AVC, we do understand all the challenges of being a vet here in our sunny island. We do believe in change, and we always strive to improve in our quality of care for the patients while achieving good work-life balance and above average remuneration for our staff. Currently, we are looking to hire vets at our centrally located Balestier branch. Our main branch is located in Bedok which is a 24h emergency practice.

Benefits of working at AVC Balestier?
Aside from the interesting caseloads, our friendly boss and surgeon Dr Nick has a Membership in Small Animal Surgery. He has a high surgical caseload that covers most soft tissue, oncology and orthopaedic cases. This is the perfect opportunity to impart some of his skills as he loves inspiring young minds. On top of that, internal referral to our 24h branch is fairly straightforward, and you will be able to easily track the progress of your patient between the branch. Also, this can be a good opportunity to progress towards the emergency branch if you would like to challenge yourself further. We are a firm believer that continual education is fundamental, and we do financially provide for CE programs that you have chosen to participate in.
Lastly, we are introducing an induction program for new vets joining our team, to allow your transition into working with us as smooth and comfortable as possible.

We welcome vets of all experience levels as long as you are a committed individual with good compassion and teamwork. To apply, please prepare a cover letter and email Dr Chua at