SVA ‘Ask-Me Panel’

What is the SVA ‘Ask-Me Panel’ and what can it be used for?

Say you have hit a bump on the road with your membership studies and have no one in your circle of friends to talk to. You may then choose to email 3 panelists whom you know have completed the membership exams on how they managed to cope. Or say you are thinking of starting a family but are worried about the long hours involved at work may interfere with family life, you may email panelists whom you know are already working mothers and ask for advice. Another example, you are in a tense conflict with one of your colleagues at work and feel you do not know how to bring it up to your employer. You may email a few panelists who are managers to ask for help.

SVA Members seeking advice from a panel may email the admin at ( or submit a query via the contact form below. Alternatively, SVA members may also email Chuan Ning or Kim (via Facebook, mutual contact etc) separately if they are concerned about privacy issues. 

Members then can look through the panelist details then email the admin after they have made their choice with a filled up short questionnaire. Admin will then forward the email to relevant Ask Me Panels members and both parties can correspond with one another. Panelists are not notified of who the other 2 panel members involved are. 

Please note that none of the panelists are counsellors nor are they trained to help with mental health issues. This channel merely provides an avenue for vets to seek advice and learn from one another.  A gentle reminder that SVA members have access to 3 free counselling services provided by SACS. See

Members who seek advice may elect up to 3 panel members to email. Members must be patient and give the panel up to 1 week to respond. After which members may email the admin to request a reminder be sent. 

About the panelists:

SVA has approached several members to be on the panel. Each of them will have their own unique life experiences that they may share with you. Should you feel that you have valuable life experience to offer your fellow SVA member and wish to be a panelist, please email us! SVA is always looking to expand our current list of panelists. 

What the Ask me Panel cannot be used for:

You cannot ask medical questions. Never breach the veterinary code of ethics and reveal any client information. Questions will be screened by moderators and will be rejected if they are inappropriate.

SVA Ask-Me Panel Contact Form