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The Veterinary Profession has grown and developed alongside increasing pet ownership and expectations from pet owners in Singapore and the region.

As the pet population expands and society places an increasing emphasis on animal health and welfare matters, the role of the veterinary profession, which comprises veterinarians and veterinary technicians, is constantly evolving. As guardians of public health, animal health and welfare, it is essential that the veterinary profession keeps high standards, continues to be relevant and develops professionally for public good. 

While the objectives of the SVA includes veterinary allied sciences and the profession, historically, much focus has been placed on veterinarians only. Globally, the veterinary nursing and technician profession faces many challenges including unsustainable wages, poor mental health, inadequate recognition and under-utilisation of skills. Without a licensing regime or support system, veterinary nurses and technicians are relatively fragmented, lacking a collective voice. Building and maintaining a competent and trusted veterinary nursing and technician profession will improve the quality of veterinary services. 

 The members of the SVNTC Committee from 1 June 2023 are:

  1. Dr Teo Boon Han (Co-chair) 
  2. Mr James Low (Co-chair)
  3. Ms Alison Wah (Member) 
  4. Dr Eleanor Ho (Member) 
  5. Ms Lydia Shashni Kumar (Member) 
  6. Ms Ang Xue Yi (Member) 
  7. Ms Shabrina Zulkifli (Member) 
  8. Mr Ng Qing Yi (Member) 
  9. Ms Evonne Yong (Member) 
  10. Ms Claudia Yong (Member) 
  11. Ms Clara Yeo (Member)

We are pleased to have Dr Low Ji Zhen and Ms Valerie Koh as Observers in the Working Group. 

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The 9th of October 2020 marks Vet Nurse/Tech Day- a day to raise awareness for both the men and women who work closely with veterinarians on a daily basis helping and providing care to their furry, scaled and feathered patients.

In celebration of this event, the Singapore Veterinary Nurse Technician Chapter, with the support of the SVA, is hosting a series of three FREE webinars by Anita Parkin! See below for more information. Stay tuned for more webinars over the coming months!

Webinar Series with Anita Parkins

5 December 2020, 7pm - "Anaesthesia and Analgesia for the Veterinary Nurse" by Anita Parkins

Click on the title above to access the recorded webinar

Click on the title above to access the recorded webinar

6 March 2021, 5pm - "Updates in Surgical Nursing" by Anita Parkins
Click on the title above to access the recorded webinar