Free Webinar – 2 interesting and practical DENTAL topics in one night!

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Mar 20

Dental Webinar – Save the Date!

– Dr. Cedric Tutt (BVSc, BVSc(Hons), MMedVet (Med), Diplomate EVDC) will talk about the examination of the oral cavity that may reveal findings indicative of an underlying systemic condition, such as distemper, primary hyperparathyroidism, lupus and more.

– Dr. Yi-Chin Tsai (DVM, MVM, Veterinary Dentist and Surgeon Superintendent at In-Aisa Animal Hospital, Taiwan, Specialty in Small Animal Surgery, Veterinary Dentist and Oral Surgery) will let us know how to combine the clinical findings of physical oral examination, anatomy, and logical reasoning together in diagnosing occlusal issues.

More info and registration link will be released in late March.

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