Vet Clinic with Focus in Surgery Looking for Experienced Vet Nurses/Technicians

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Mar 04

Hello, Haoting here from Atlas Vet!

Like every other vet clinic out there, we are also looking for experienced vet nurses/technicians to join our team.

We have all the usual fancy equipment with some notable features:

  • multi-parameter anaesthesia monitoring device – with mainstream capnograph!
  • digital microscope
  • we see dogs, cats, rabbits & pocket pets (e.g. guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits etc)
  • we do a wide variety of soft tissue (TECA-LBO, PU etc) and orthopaedic surgeries
  • never miss a meal again with dedicated meal times (because I myself gets hangry if I don’t eat!)
  • fully-stocked pantry sponsored by clinic (did I mention I love food?)

Our goal is not to overwhelm ourselves by trying to treat as many animals as possible.

It is to treat a finite group of patients well, and have some fun along the way.

And we are looking to add a few more team members to join us on this adventure:

  • At least 1 year working experience.
  • With our strong focus on surgery, competency or interest in anaesthesia is welcomed. 🙂
  • As I am Fear-Fear Certified (Elite Level), the clinic tries to be fear-free whenever practical. All our nurses are currently going through Dr Sophia Yin’s Low-Stress Handling Certification. You are expected to do the same (sponsored by the clinic).
  • As animal health advocates, we must be, first and foremost, practitioners of SCIENCE to safeguard animal welfare. You must subscribe to the same philosophy.

One last thing…

Veterinary medicine is a team sport.

A clinic can have the coolest tools but workplace culture is the difference between showing up daily feeling empowered or dreading every single minute of it.

Our current team is built on a positive & supportive team culture that looks after one another.

“If we can’t even look after one another, how do we expect to look after our patients?”

We are a small team, so it is important to us that we find the right team member.

If you are interested to find out more, please send your resume to

So we can get to know each other. 🙂

Coffee is on me! ☕

Or visit us at

Haoting Chow, DVM (Melbourne)
Atlas Veterinary Clinic & Surgery