Mandai Wildlife Group – Seeking Veterinary Nurse (Full-time) & Veterinarian (1-year Contract) 

By Hon Editor | Employment Archives

Dec 13

Mandai Wildlife Group is dedicated to caring for the planet and protecting animals and nature. Conservation education is intrinsic in all interactions with the Group, to inspire action for a healthier world.

Mandai Wildlife Group is the steward of Mandai Wildlife Reserve, a unique wildlife and nature destination in Singapore that is home to world-renown wildlife parks which connect visitors to the fascinating world of wildlife. The Group is driving an exciting rejuvenation plan at Mandai Wildlife Reserve, adjacent to Singapore’s Central Catchment Nature Reserve, that will integrate five wildlife parks with distinctive nature-based experiences, green public spaces and an eco-friendly resort.

Mandai Wildlife Group advocates for biodiversity, contributes leading wildlife research, develops innovative solutions to promote living sustainably, and collaborates with conservation partners in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

The Group provides funding and in-kind support to Mandai Nature for conservation work across Southeast Asia.

Mandai Global, an entity that is part of the Group, will establish and operate new lines of business anchored in creating positive outcomes for nature and wildlife.

Veterinary Nurse

Main duties and responsibilities

· Assists veterinarians with treatments and care of the animals within the collection including anaesthetic monitoring, surgeries and diagnostic imaging in the hospital as well as in the field

· Assists with ward husbandry duties (den set-up, preparation of food, feeding, cleaning, patient observation)

· Assists with basic laboratory duties and field sedations

· Provides first aid and critical care monitoring of the patients, including administration of drugs

· Oversees the pharmacy, sourcing of drugs and equipment

· Maintains records, writing and filing reports

· Maintains diagnostic equipment and sterilisation of surgical instruments

· Maintains the general cleanliness of the hospital

Job Requirements

· Diploma in Veterinary Nursing or equivalent

· Minimum 2 years of experience in veterinary nursing, experience in wildlife preferred 

· Technical skill and competency in blood collection, catheter placement, endotracheal tube placement, intravenous fluid line preparation, etc.

· Excellent verbal and written English

· Ability to work in a multicultural and diverse environment

· Ability to work weekends, holidays, and occasional after-hour assignments.

· Ability to work without supervision, detailed-oriented


Main duties and responsibilities

· Directly supervise veterinary nurses, keepers and students to achieve optimal patient treatment and care.

· Coordinate and drive research projects involving the husbandry, breeding, welfare, behaviour, or conservation of both captive and wild animals.

· Work with the rest of the veterinary team to implement a preventive medicine programme that includes quarantine, routine exams, disease monitoring, parasite control, vaccinations, geriatric care programmes and periodic nutrition reviews.

· Diagnose illness and injury in collection animals and provide appropriate treatment and therapies.

· Collaborate with colleagues and medical specialists/consultants on clinical cases as required.

· Participate in dialogue with curators and supervisors about animal care and welfare, nutrition, breeding, husbandry, and housing.

· If required, perform gross necropsies, collect samples for histopathology, prepare necropsy reports, analyse findings, and formulate recommendations for preventive measures.

· Prepare and maintain required records, ensuring accuracy and professionalism.

· Other relevant duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

· Internationally recognised degree in Veterinary Medicine.

· At least 5 years of relevant experience in a veterinary facility; experience with a variety of animal species is advantageous.

· Possess knowledge of a wide range of veterinary medicine and the ability to perform diagnosis, treatment, nutrition analysis, and surgical procedures.

· Able to analyse unknown problems and conditions related to the care and treatment of animals, and determine the best course of treatment.

· Proven ability to research and develop innovative approaches for animal health and nutrition issues.

· Good team player who is also able to work independently.

· Strong verbal and written communication skills.

· Able to work on weekends and public holidays.

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