HIRING! – Canine Rehabilitation Therapist

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Feb 19

*Company Description*
RA Healing Centre is Singapore’s first physiotherapy, rehabilitation and hydrotherapy centre.

Our vision is to ensure all animals under our care will live a pain free and high quality of life. With our team of well-trained and experienced practitioners, and comprehensive facilities offering the widest range of physical therapy, we aim to provide pets with complementary support therapies including hydrotherapy.

*Job Summary*
RA Healing Centre (www.holisticpetcentre.com) is looking for a highly motivated, skilled, organized and outgoing full time Canine Rehabilitation Technician to join our growing rehabilitation centre in Singapore! You’ll have the opportunity to work directly with Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist Veterinarian from the US, and develop your skills in hydrotherapy. You will also have access to the latest in therapy technology, including an on-site underwater treadmill, cold laser machine and a range of specialized animal training equipment.

*Essential Duties and Responsibilities:*
· Performing post surgical, outpatient rehabilitation exercises
· Assist in rehab examinations, evaluations, and rehabilitation plans
· Will use equipment to facilitate rehabilitation such as laser therapy and underwater treadmill
· Coordinates the rehabilitation schedule
· Maintain facility equipment
· Hydrotherapy

*Qualified candidates must be able to:*
• Multi-task in a fast-paced working environment
• Maintain a high level of organization and communication
• Maintain accurate medical records and rehabilitation logs
• Provide consistent quality customer service to every client and patient
• Work independently

*Education and/or Work Experience Requirements:*
• At least 2 years experience as a Veterinary Technician

Contact details:
email: sara@holisticpetcentre.com
tel: +6587987554