Full-time Vet Nurses – The Eye Specialist for Animals

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Dec 07

Job Description
Position: Full time vet nurse

The Eye Specialist for Animals is seeking a veterinary nurse for a full-time position, average 44 hours per week, a 4-days workweek. No scheduled weekend work.

We are a specialist practice with 1 board-certified veterinary eye specialist supported by an intimate team of experienced nurses and veterinary ophthalmology intern.

Our practice is well-equipped with state-of-the-art ophthalmic equipment as we are the only boarded eye specialist in Singapore. We are also well-equipped with advanced anesthesia monitoring equipment and ventilator.

The qualities we look for are:

1. great communication skills

2. love for animals

3. Not squeamish with eyes

Our nurses get plenty of hands-on learning and support from our existing team.

They will be involved with:

Vet nurse:

1. Surgery duties – surgical instrument care and sterilizing, anaesthesia monitoring, and post-op patient care, preparing for surgery…etc.

2. Consultation – packing medications, explaining medications to owner, discharging patients …etc.

3. General nursing duties – caring for hospitalized eye patients, IV catheters placement

4. Assisting specialist

5. Running various eye tests

If you are interested in this position, please send in your CV.