Doctors and Support Staff – Animal Practice Singapore

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Jun 23

We have a place available for a new graduate doctor with ability to speak mandarin. You will receive support in consultations, medicine and surgery. Remuneration is based on your progress, and will increase with your skills.

We have a place for a doctor with intermediate experience from 1 to 10 years. Remuneration is based on your skill level.

We have a place available for a person who enjoys interacting with people directly, to train as a concierge and onto a customer service officer. Preference for mandarin speaking. Citizen or PR preferred. You will also learn much about animal health.

We have a place available for a person who enjoys interacting with people via the internet, to train as a social media ambassador. You will also learn about animal health. Citizen or PR preferred.

Support includes an experienced Team (so flexibility is important), and modern facilities and a high level of equipment. The practice provides a fantastic opportunity to develop skills, being equipped well for imaging in radiology, ultrasound, and endoscopy; surgery in soft tissue and orthopaedics; dermatology; ophthalmology; and TCVM; and supports and encourages high level internal medicine. Additionally, it supports continuing education in whatever relevant field you choose, with flexible leave and financial support packages and equipment purchasing. You can potentially grow faster here than at a large referral practice. You do not need to be an expert to begin.

Remuneration is better than competitive, and Singapore is similar in many ways to London or Sydney – a big, fast, air-conditioned, well fed, english-speaking city.
If you believe you may be a candidate and are interested in our position, please contact us ( / +65 9146 5265) and we’ll help you decide. Our website is