Plaqtiv+ water additive, one of only two in SG certified by VOHC against TARTAR

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Apr 16

Calling all vet clinics/services!! Introducing the Plaqtiv+ dental care range.

The Plaqtiv+ Water Additive is one of only two VOHC-accepted water additives in Singapore that not only controls plaque but also reduces TARTAR.
And this may be the more cost-effective one!

We’d like to invite you to join our Vet-exclusive Rewards Programme (VERP), where:

1. You’d recommend the product
2. Clients can purchase from our website or at your clinic/service
3. Revenue will be shared between us

Plaqtiv+ Highlights

– Patented technology that works: Controls plaque and softens tartar. This means the water additive can be used before dental procedure to soften tartar to reduce the time the pet is put under general anaesthesia.

– VOHC-Certified effectiveness against tartar: One of only TWO products in Singapore with this status (and also the more affordable one)

– Easy to use: Designed to be easy for pet owners and suitable for cats and dogs of all ages and current dental care routine.

VERP Highlights

– Revenue-sharing: We model after best practices (similar to local prescription diet distributors)

– Flexibility: You can stock our products in your clinic, direct pet owners to our website, or both, your choice!

– Earn the same profit margin: Even if pet owners buy directly from our website (including future repeat purchases), you retain the same profit margin.

– No direct selling required: You can simply recommend the product on a third-party website (

More info on this product range, our offer and how it works are detailed in our website:
Please refer to the email sent to your clinic for the passcode, or email us at

Give it a try! Request for samples by:
1. Emailing us at, or
2. Completing this sign up form:

If you’d like t to find out more, please reach out to us via email at or phone/whatsapp at 91520655.