Investing in Veterinarians and Vet Clinics

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Jun 18

Investing in Veterinarians and Vet Clinics

We are a Singapore and Hong-Kong based firm dedicated to partnering and investing in companies across the pet care value-chain in APAC. Our goal is to improve pet outcomes and customer experiences.

We wish to speak to veterinary clinic owners who are interesting in selling a small, non-controlling, stake in their practice. This may support eventual retirement, or fund future growth.

Our interest is in helping veterinarians concentrate on what they do best – serving animals – whilst crucially protecting their welfare. We are conscious of the strain the profession places on practitioners, and would like to help where we can.

Whether this involves handling some of the back-office administrative functions, through to areas like recruitment, we want to support veterinarians in running their business in how they see fit.

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