Free Exotics Webinar on 13th August

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Aug 06

Three topics in One Free Exotics Webinar:

Webinar 1

  • “Diagnosis, Handling, Treatment and Long-term Care of Torticollis and the Following Secondary Muscle Skeleton System Degenerative Disease in Domestic Rabbits”
  • Lectured by Dr. Marty Chu, Jurassic Exotic Animal Hospital Director, TEZVA President

Webinar 2

  • “To Cut or Not to Cut ? – Decision Making in Rabbit Gastrointestinal Syndrome”
  • Lectured by Dr. Joanne Sheen, BVM&S CertZooMed Diplomate ABVP (Exotic Companion Practice) MRCVS

Webinar 3

  • “Clinical Avian Nutrition for Veterinary Health Professionals”
  • Lectured by Dr. Susan Orosz ,PhD, DVM, DABVP (Avian Practice), DECZM

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