Preparing Animals for Disaster (PrepVet)

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Nov 02

PrepVet course

About the course

The number of natural disasters has increased significantly in recent years. This has resulted in the loss of human and animal life and significant economic, social and environmental impact.

Disasters have diverse natural and man-made causes. When these factors are combined with other risks that have been building or are unresolved in risk-prone areas, there is a dramatic increase in the number of disasters.

The objective of the PrepVet course is risk management and reduction, including understanding the factors that lead to emergencies and being prepared for them, to minimise animal losses.
Many people in risk-prone areas rely on animals for their livelihoods and survival. Therefore, the protection of animals in disasters is a key focus of the strategies in this course. Protecting animals can be a means of guaranteeing the social, economic, emotional, food and environmental security of people.

The online PrepVet course is divided into three core topics:
-Disaster risk reduction (DRR) and management
– Climate change adaptation
– Basic care of animals during emergencies

The course is currently available in Spanish, in English and Portuguese.

Course contents
1. Disaster risk management: Basic concepts and terminology
2. Disaster risk reduction analysis and plans
3. Companion animals
4. Climate change adaptation
5. Safety in emergencies
6. Incident command system
7. Triage
8. Animal evacuation process
9. Standards and guidelines for livestock interventions in emergencies: Introduction to ‘LEGS’
10. Role of the vet
11. Animal welfare

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