Asia Veterinary Diagnostics Webinar Series – “Diagnosis and Prognosis of Canine Cutaneous Mast Cell Tumours”

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Feb 16

Join us every third Wednesday of each month!

Learn all you always wanted to know about Pathology, how to make most of your samples, new diagnostic techniques and much more…

At AVD, we are committed to veterinary success and are dedicated to provide you with all the necessary support, including relevant and practical continuing education for all veterinarians.

On February 17th 2021, from 8-9 pm SGT, Prof. Matti Kiupel, Dr. Med. Vet. Dr. Habil. BS, MS, PhD, DACVP will tell you all about the ” Diagnosis and Prognosis of Canine Cutaneous Mast Cell Tumours”.

Webinar is free to attend and RACE Approved ( 1 CE point).

To register, please email us at