Veterinarian, Animal Research Facilities – Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

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May 22

The veterinarian will help address all the needs for veterinary medical services and IACUC requirements at all NTU animal facilities licensed by AVS.

As an AAALAC accredited facility, the veterinarian will play a critical role in ensuring that the accreditation status is maintained. The veterinarian will be responsible for carrying out all aspects of the veterinary requirements, from treating the animals, assessing animal health reports of incoming shipments, performing health monitoring of animals, implementing preventive measures to disease outbreaks, so that the welfare and ethical treatment of animal are addressed and maintained according to the guidelines thereby enhancing the research work in the University.

Prevention, Diagnosis, Control and Treatment of Disease: Assessment of sick and dead animals, including necropsy of dead animals if needed. Prescribing and administration of treatment/euthanasia of sick animals Implementing and maintaining the sentinel animal health monitoring system.
Pain and distress- prevention, minimization and alleviation: Advising staff and researchers about the use of analgesics and anaesthetics in animals, including dispensing of above-mentioned drugs/agents.
Assisting the researchers on procedures and general equipment usage. Conduct Responsible Care and Use of Animals (RCULAC) and Responsible Care and Use of Fish (RCUF) Practical courses for new users. Review RCULAC online theory course to ensure that information provided is accurate and up to date.
IACUC Responsibilities: To address all regulatory requirements of a veterinarian as defined by the NACLAR Guidelines.

A degree in veterinary medicine and licensed by AVS to practice veterinary medicine in Singapore.

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