VES Hospital – Emergency Vet

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May 28

The Veterinarian (Emergency Room) will deliver the highest quality veterinary care and an exceptional client experience. S/he advocates for pets and their quality of life; builds a long term bonding relationship with clients; contributes to the development and maintenance of the human-pet bond; educates clients and clinic associates on all aspects of pet health; mentors and develops an efficient, collaborative and productive veterinary medical team; and improves both the medical quality and business performance of the hospital.
· Live and exemplify the Five Principles of Mars, Inc. within self and team.
· Deliver the highest level of veterinary care to every pet in a professional and ethical manner while ensuring the client and their pet have an exceptional experience.
· Establish trust and gain the confidence and compliance of clients through effectively delivering appropriate preventive care, performing complete diagnostic workups, developing thorough treatment plans, communicating home care instructions, and planning follow-up visits.
· Advocate for preventive care and adoption of wellness plans.
· Assimilate information gathered through effective history taking, physical examination and diagnostic workup to arrive at an appropriate and effective clinical decision.
· Lead veterinary team through the daily schedule and caseloads, delegating tasks to paraprofessionals and improving hospital efficiency.
· Practice veterinary medicine in a manner compliant with the Animal & Veterinary Service and VES Hospital Code of Conduct and Ethics, along with appropriate medical record documentation.
· Address and resolve client concerns arising from the medical care of their pet/s.
· Collaborate harmoniously with clinic team, peers, leaders and Mars associates, enjoying being a member of the larger veterinary community/profession;
· Develop strong lasting relationships with clients.
· Partner with field and clinic leadership to design a career development plan which may include medical, surgical, communication and leadership skills.
· Strive to achieve performance metrics outlined by medical and field leadership.
· Demonstrate integrity and ethics in all actions and behaviors.
· Practice evidence-based medicine and preventive care when data or guidelines exist, using sound judgment when they do not.
· Perform all basic surgeries with appropriate anesthesia, monitoring and pain management.
· Educate clients and clinic associates to improve their level of knowledge about veterinary care and husbandry.
· Charge for services rendered and products/prescriptions dispensed.
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