The Animal Clinic (West Branch): Ultrasound Veterinarian (Full-time, Part-time)

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Jun 30

The Animal Clinic (West Branch) is looking for an ultrasound veterinarian to join our team!

Consulting is not a requirement for this position.

At The Animal Clinic we are committed to providing a high standard of personalised case, treatment and service to all our patients and their families.

Every team member works together to deliver these standards while learning from each other along the way.

Our TAC teams are made up of dedicated, caring, growth minded professionals who value team energy and high work ethos. They find joy in what they do and in supporting each other to succeed.

We are committed to providing a safe, secure, supportive and cohesive environment for every member of our team to grow both professionally and personally. We place a strong emphasis on work-life balance. As a member of the TAC family, you will be able to turn your love and passion for animals into a fulfilling lifelong career.

If you would like to join our team please email us at with your cover letter and current CV.