Looking for Passionate Veterinary Nurses and Reception – Amber Vet Group

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Sep 09

We are dedicated to providing excellent veterinary care and customer service in a fulfilling and enjoyable environment. We seek meticulous individuals with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Cohesive teamwork with the ability to multi-task is essential.


The position involves nursing work in consultations, assisting with procedures, anaesthesia monitoring, care of hospitalised patients, after hours nursing duties, overnight hospitalisation care and reception work (Vet nurse). Routine duties include performing blood tests, urine/faecal analysis and assisting with radiography/ultrasonography.

Team members will be regularly involved in a wide range of cases and procedures. Our gold ISFM cat-friendly clinic, Amber Cat Vet, provides a feline-friendly, stress-free experience for our feline patients.

For job requirements, please refer to http://ambervet.com/careers.html.


The Concierge is in charge of delivering and maintaining the Company’s customer service standards.

Involves daily front-desk concierge and related administrative duties, client registration and care in the waiting area, taking calls, managing appointments, handling daily transactions and assisting team to maintain premise cleanliness. Concierge will also be trained to triage and assess urgency of appointment enquiries and provided on-the-job training.

Interested applicants may email careers@ambervet.com with resume and expected salary.

Shortlisted applicants will receive a reply within 4 weeks.