Hiring Vet Director – PAAW Vet Care

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Aug 03

Rediscover your passion by joining a clinic with a mission. 

Do you want to help all companion animals, whether loved or unloved, owned or un-owned?

PAAW Vet Care is a clinic with a difference.  Read about the PAAW story:  www.paaw.sg

PAAW (Pledge and Act for Animal Welfare) is a project of love for animal welfare.

Our vision:  To care for all companion animals.

Our strategy:  To “recycle” the pet care dollars already in the ecosystem.  When pet owners spend at PAAW clinic, their pet care dollars will be used twice – first, to care for the beloved pets and second, to be re-routed to help the homeless and helpless un-owned pets in animal shelters and on the streets. 

PAAW Vet Care will commit 51% of its annual operating profit to PAAW Fund. 

And PAAW Fund will disburse grants to animal welfare groups, including animal shelters.

The special Vet we are looking for

PAAW Vet Care is assembling its pioneer Vet team.  We are searching for our Vet Director – the most pivotal person for the PAAW Vet Care initiative. 

  • You will decide on the clinical direction and the suite of clinical services.
  • You will helm the clinic and have full autonomy in setting clinical standards and goals.
  • You will select and assemble the vet team.   

We the co-founders will support you in seeking clinical excellence and sculpting the clinical ethos for the clinic.  We will manage the non-clinical distractions, such as infrastructure and administrative operations, so that you can focus on doing what you do best – bring healing to the animal patients entrusted to us.  We want PAAW people to find joy and meaning in what we do. 

Does the PAAW cause resonate with you? 

Be a part of PAAW to create a new ecosystem for animal welfare, caring 1-for-1 as the new norm. 

PAAW will pay at competitive market rate, and top up with equity share of PAAW Vet Care.

Please send your resume to: hello@paaw.sg or text to 9762 9696.  We should meet.