F/T Rehabilitation Veterinarian – Veterinary Rehabilitation & Hydrotherapy Centre (VRH)

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Aug 22

We are seeking a rehab veterinarian to join our rehabilitation referral clinic; Veterinary Rehabilitation & Hydrotherapy Centre in Singapore.

Our facility includes underwater treadmill, a large heated pool, E-stim, therapeutic US and array of physiotherapy equipment to treat pre-and post-surgical patients, obesity patients, and geriatric wellness.

Work with Dr Patrick Maguire small animal specialist surgeon who has undergone CCRT training. Join our staff of two rehab DVMs; 1 DACVS (CCRT trained), 1 CCRP certified vet with chiropractic and CVA certification, 1 certified rehab tech, 2 certified hydrotherapists and 4 rehab assistants. VRH values relationship-building with clients and patients, commitment to teamwork and enthusiasm for learning and teaching. Prefer DACVSM, CCRP, CCRT, or CVMRT, IVAS (acupuncture certification) but willing to provide training for veterinarians who are very interested in rehabilitation.

Interested applicants are welcome to submit a resume and cover letter to Dr Rina Maguire BVSC hons 1 Dip ABVP ECM at rina.maguire@gmail.com