Canine Hydrotherapist (FT) – RA Healing Veterinary Clinic

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Jul 14

RA Healing Veterinary Clinic is looking for a well experienced hydrotherapist to facilitate dogs recover from injury.

We are the first fully licenced animal rehabilitation veterinary clinic in Singapore with certified veterinarian and professionals in CCRT and CCRP.

Treatments are usually carried out for diagnosed conditions or injuries on dogs referred by a veterinary surgeon, although hydrotherapy is also used as an enjoyable form of exercise.

Canine Hydrotherapist should have a love and passion for dogs and their wellbeing, and experience handling or working with them. Professionalism is required at all times, with good communication and observation skills. Most importantly, you must also know how to swim. Candidate should possess level 3 certificate in canine hydrotherapy or equivalent.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
– Hydrotherapy
– Performing post surgical, outpatient rehabilitation exercises
– Assist in rehab examinations, evaluations, and rehabilitation plans
– Will use under water treadmill to facilitate rehabilitation in swimming pool
– Coordinates the rehabilitation schedule
– Maintain facility equipment

Interested applicants please send your resume to

Post expires at 11:52pm on Wednesday August 14th, 2019