Anaesthesia, critical care and pain management service

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Aug 13

Hi everyone,

I would like to let you know about my new venture providing anaesthetic related services to vets in Singapore. I am based here and able to offer a variety of options including an in-clinic mobile service to help you in providing best practice anaesthesia to your patients.

I’m hoping through this service to enable treatment of animals that would otherwise not be possible due to concerns about anaesthesia, provide advanced pain management techniques for both acute and chronic pain as well as offer high level, in practice, critical care.

I will be offering FREE monthly webinar based CPD in the form of interactive/tutorial style discussion. The first webinar is scheduled for the 26th of August  at 20:00. I’ve also set up a facebook  group for vets, technicians and students to facilitate discussion of anything anaesthetic/pain/ICU related.

To register for the webinar: 

To join the facebook group:

If you would like more information about the services I am offering please feel free to drop me a line via or on 91492316.

Alternatively you can register to access the vet portal at to view prices and availability.

Kind regards,

VAPMC is an independent, mobile service provided by Dr Kieren Maddern – EBVS specialist in veterinary anaesthesia & analgesia. Services are available to all practices within Singapore, Hong Kong & Australia. Specialist anaesthetic equipment and medication are supplied & a range of specialised consumables are stocked.

Services available in your own clinic/facility:
– Anaesthesia for difficult/high risk cases
– Advanced peri-operative pain management techniques
– Pain management/palliative care consultations (house call)
– Critical care case management
– ICU ventilation

I also offer:
– telemedicine based anaesthetic support (live/real time or report)
– customised, in clinic, CPD
– equipment advice & troubleshooting