Amber Vet Seeking Full Time Veterinarian

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Dec 05

Amber Vet and Amber Cat Vet are dedicated to providing excellent veterinary care and customer service in an environment that is fulfilling and enjoyable for it’s team. We are seeking a meticulous veterinarian, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, prioritising preventative patient care and client education.
There is great focus on staff welfare and further CE training, attractive remuneration packages and avenues for career advancement for the outstanding candidate.
We place great emphasis in ensuring that veterinarians have access to the most comprehensive and advanced equipment and training to provide the best care possible for our patients, and we continuously upgrade our equipment. We are well-equipped with:
• Digital radiography
• Digital dental radiography
• Ultrasonography (including echocardiography)
• Rigid/flexible endoscopy
• Minimally invasive keyhole surgery
• iM3 dental unit
• IDEXX biochemistry, haematology, PT/aPTT, cortisol and urinalysis machines
• Tonovet (tonometry)
• Dedicated surgery suite with comprehensive anaesthesic monitoring equipment (including capnography and doppler blood pressure machine) and trained Nurses/Technicians to monitor anaesthesia for all procedures
We advocate preventive veterinary care and integrate holistic approaches to our patients. We treat mostly canine/feline patients, with some rabbits, pocket pets and birds. Our range of services include:
• Acupuncture (IVAS-certified veterinarian)
• Laparoscopy and Endoscopy
• Feline medicine and endoscopy clinic by visiting American board-certified Feline Specialist
• Endodontics
• 24-hour hospitalisation with overnight hospital nursing care.
Veterinarians have the opportunity to learn all of the above skills in line with their individual interests, with guidance from our Principal Veterinarian who enjoys and has formal experience in teaching these skills to