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May 28

What is it like working at AVC Bedok?
At this branch, we love to call it the best of both worlds. Given that we are a well established 24h emergency practice, we do get more interesting and complex medical/surgical cases. However, we do get a good percentage of first opinion cases such as routine health checks, vaccinations and neutering surgeries. At AVC, we see a variety of species ranging from dogs and cats to small furries, and birds as well. On a monthly basis, we do organise clinical rounds to benefit both vets and nurses to continue brushing up our knowledge and to grow as a clinic to provide high standards of care.

Benefits of working at AVC Bedok?
Our friendly boss and surgeon Dr Nick has a Membership in Small Animal Surgery. He has a high surgical caseload that covers most soft tissue, oncology and orthopaedic cases. This is the perfect opportunity to impart some of his skills as he loves inspiring young minds. On top of that, you will be exposed to a good variety of caseloads, and with good mentorship available, you will see yourself growing as a clinician. We are a firm believer that continual education is fundamental and we do financially provide for CE programs that you have chosen to participate in.

Finally, these are just some of the fancy toys that our practice do own:
1. CT Scanner
2. Digital X-ray
3. Ultrasound
4. Fluoroscopy
5. Endoscopy
6. Surgical suites and instruments for most soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeries

Please do not miss this amazing opportunity to join us.We welcome vets of all experience levels as long as you are a committed individual with good compassion and teamwork.To apply, please prepare a cover letter highlighting why you think that this is an ideal role for you together with your up-to-date resume and email it to Dr Ying at
Please note that you must have a registerable Veterinary Degree that enables you to practice in Singapore and we will assist with Work Visa applications.