Landon Vet Specialists – Seeking ECC Vets & Nurses, Internal Medicine Nurses, Receptionists

By Admin

Mar 31

Landon Veterinary Specialists (LVS) is growing our team as we expand our practice into new specialties. We are looking for individuals who strive to work with compassion and improve the well-being of our patients and their families.

Our Work Culture
We thrive on teamwork, good communication, and continuous improvement. Our team can concentrate on patient care knowing that the management will back them up in difficult situations. We also value collaboration and are respectful towards our fellow referring colleagues.

Roles available
• Full-time ECC Veterinarian
• ECC Veterinarian (Locum)
• ECC Senior Veterinary Nurse
• ECC Veterinary Nurse
• Internal Medicine Nurse
• Receptionist (Full/Part-Time)

If you are in search of a dynamic and fulfilling role, send your CV to so that we can have a chat!