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Jan 26

Virtual Congress 2020 is an international online event aimed at veterinary professionals, designed to bring you easy access to some of the best speakers in the world, who will give lectures on a series of fascinating topics. Collecting all the knowledge you’ll need in one place, while removing the need to travel, this is the most streamlined way to do your CE. With thousands of people already registered, you’ll be joining your fellow professionals in one of the most influential veterinary symposiums of the calendar.

To mark ten years of The Webinar Vet, we’re doing something a bit different this year. For a start, we’re introducing some non-clinical speakers to break up the intensity of the programme, so you’ll get a healthy mix of pure CE and something a little more unorthodox. Firstly, we’ve got TV presenter and adventurer Ben Fogle, who you’ll probably know best from his programme “New Lives in the Wild”, where he visits people who have given up civilisation to start over in the wilderness and live close to nature.

Then we’ve got Rob Pope, dubbed the real-life Forrest Gump due to his epic journey running across the continental United States. Unlike Forrest Gump, however, Rob is a very smart man, having worked as an emergency veterinarian. “Unconventional” doesn’t do justice to Rob’s unique life and attitude, so you’ll be sure to get some good stories!

And speaking of good stories, our third guest speaker has more than a few. Kenton Cool is one of the world’s most accomplished mountaineers. Not content with climbing Mount Everest just once, he went back up…a total of fourteen times. And that’s not even the half of a career which has literally reached new heights. Don’t miss your chance to hear about Kenton’s amazing expeditions first hand and learn about what sets his company apart from the others.

Plus, we will be bringing you the best speakers giving detailed presentations on important topics, from endoscopic surgery to cardiopulmonary arrest, dental extractions to pruritus in horses, and much more! This is a solid block of CE, enough to get your year off to a fantastic start and ensure that you’re not missing out on any important updates. If you want to see the full programme, head to our website

If you would like to join, not only can you register for 6 hours free as a member of Singapore Veterinary Association, you can also save 50% off the price of your ticket which is a special offer just for members of Singapore Veterinary Association. You can either watch the live broadcasts, or you can view the recordings up to 12 months later. You will have access to all the recordings for a year, and you can watch them as many times as you want. Virtual Congress begins on Friday 31st January, so make sure to buy your ticket now to avoid missing out.

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WSAVA VC Registration – The Webinar Vet

As a member of Singapore Veterinary Association, you are automatically a member of WSAVA and benefit from having access to 6 hours of FREE CE.

What’s included? By registering for the association sessions at VC2020, you’ll receive access to watch all of the below either live or as recordings at a later date!

  • Make dental extraction easier! How to use elevation and luxation techniques and care for your instruments by Ivan Crotaz
  • Diagnostic imaging of the equine neck and back by Mariana M. Castro Martins
  • 10 things you need to know about Guinea Pigs by Livia Benato
  • 10 things you need to know about rabbits by Richard Saunders
  • 10 things you need to know about tortoises by Neil Forbes
  • Working up the pruritic horse by Stephen White
  • The Remarkable World of the Honeybee. By John Hill
  • Osteorarthritis: An overview by John Waterhouse

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