Identifying and Diagnosing Notifiable Diseases

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Feb 08

The SVA recognises that local veterinarians play an integral part of the national biosurveillance system for zoonotic and animal diseases of public health, animal health and welfare importance.

Veterinarians’ expertise has been recognised to be instrumental in the prevention and control of zoonotic and animal diseases, and are at the forefront of detection and understanding emerging and re-emerging zoonotic and animal diseases.

To this end, SVA is supportive of the role that veterinarians play in the reporting and investigations of diseases affecting humans and animals. Veterinarians are to report to Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) if you have reason to suspect, or are aware of the positive detection of diseases listed in the Schedule of the Animals and Birds (Disease) Notification. These diseases may be detected in locally obtained, imported or exported samples of animal origin. SVA also encourage veterinarians to seek clarifications with the authorities if in doubt.

For more information on identifying and diagnosing notifiable diseases, timeframes and criteria for reporting, you may refer to AVS website at:

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