Request for Donated Equipment to Cambodia

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Mar 13

Dear Veterinary colleagues,

My name is Dr Trish Johansen, a New Zealand-trained veterinarian living in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

After visiting Cambodia several times, I became increasingly aware of how many veterinary services were needed to improve animal health and welfare, and human health. After much pressure from the Siem Reap community, I opened a practice, Siem Reap Veterinary Care.

With Siem Reap Veterinary Care as a base, we have become involved with the following projects:

    1. In 2007 it was mathematically estimated that there were 800 human rabies deaths a year in Cambodia. There are likely to be thousands of more cases annually as this statistic covered a limited area and excluded all unreported and undiagnosed cases. Vaccinating the dog population all but removes this invariably fatal disease from the human population.
    2. At the request of the Cambodian Department of Animal Health and Production, I developed a rabies eradication program, ‘Eradicating Rabies One Village At A Time’ (EROVAAT). EROVAAT is designed to be rolled out nationwide. Education about all practical aspects of rabies prevention and control, and the vaccination of dogs, is central to this sustainable program.
    1. I have been in talks with the Royal University of Agriculture and the charity, FOUR PAWS, to collaborate in providing training for SE Asian veterinarians and veterinary students. This includes zoonoses, surgical procedures, common diseases, preventative care and treatment. These talks are ongoing. Funding and veterinary equipment are required to make it a reality to teach students in Cambodia and beyond about these important topics.
    1. Provides preventative care, intensive nursing and all forms of routine and advanced surgery for most species including pets, street animals, village cattle & endangered animals (in conjunction with wildlife sanctuaries). We offer services at the cheapest rates we can to all street animals and welfare groups. The practice was established to serve the local community and potentially become a location for SE Asian Veterinary practical training.
    1. We work with two charities to help improve the lives of villagers who have limited resources, via their cattle health.
    1. I am supporting the launch of the fledgeling Cambodia Veterinary Association of which I will be a board member.

Being only one person and working in a developing country, it has been a huge struggle to have the means to source equipment and products over the past five years. After speaking of my frustration with veterinary friends in Singapore, they suggested their community would be very keen to support animal health and welfare in a less-resourced country such as Cambodia.

They prompted me to contact all the veterinary practices here in Singapore. So here I am. Who knows what equipment could be lying around Singaporean practices unneeded and taking up precious space following equipment upgrades or changes in veterinary interests. This same equipment would increase the level of care and training that we can provide in Cambodia.

If you have anything that you are able to donate, it will be greatly appreciated by myself, my staff and patients. Any medicines, disposables and general equipment are likely to be useful. Below is my wishlist. Together we can make an impact.

PLEASE NOTE: All equipment must be in perfect working order before donation as we cannot get repairs done in Cambodia. Anything we are donated nun excess, I will donate to other organizations. If you have something not listed that you think we may be able to use, please email me.

Medicines, Disposables and General Equipment:

  1. Expired or close to expired medicines, specialized food, and preventatives
  2. Specialized dressings (Eg duoderm, intrasite gel), vet wrap.
  3. Vetbeds
  4. Stainless steel veterinary kennels
  5. Ophthalmoscope/auroscopes
  6. Anything else you might have

Surgical, Orthopaedic, Dental and Anaesthetic Equipment:

  1. Near expiry surgical gloves and disposable drapes
  2. Surgical cloth drapes
  3. Surgical scrubs
  4. Fluid therapy pumps
  5. SOP Plating, external fixture, and any other general/orthopaedic instrumentation you have. We get a lot of fractured legs and backs and I’m desperate for plating equipment.
  6. Various limb splints
  7. Surgical diathermy
  8. Surgical lights – ceiling and standing
  9. Anaesthetic monitoring equipment
  10. ECG
  11. Dental drill and scaler

Imaging Equipment

  1. Digital x-ray machine & processor. Does this need specialists to set up and calibrate it in its new home?
  2. Radiation protection, Xray viewers
    Any other imaging equipment available

Laboratory Equipment

  1. Full inhouse laboratory (biochemistry, haematology and electrolyte machines. A PCV centrifuge). We have a microscope.
    Any other laboratory equipment you can spare

Administrative Help/ Donations

  1. Goods are likely to incur very high Cambodian importation tax unless it’s clear they are donated
  2. The best way to get goods to us is likely trucking together across land. Do you have knowledge of this process or know someone who does?
  3. Knowledge and contacts in Singapore to arrange packaging and transport of donated goods.
  4. Someone able to advise on imports/exports

We are also looking for experienced veterinarians, veterinary nurses and practice staff to help at our practice. We have onsite accommodation (subject to availability). Ideally, we would like volunteers to stay for 3 months or more. This opportunity may lead to employment.

You can find out more about the practice by clicking on the links below. I have attached an article that was featured in the New Zealand Veterinary publication, “Vetscript”:

I look forward to connecting with you!

Please feel free to email me with any questions you have.

Regards and thank you,

Dr Trish Johansen