AVD Vet Nurse Training Library 2022

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Nov 27

AVD Veterinary Nurse Training Program Webinars Series 2022. Every last Saturday of each month, 7 pm HKT/SGT.

January 8, 2022: “Dermatology Special-Skin Scrape/ Tape Techniques” http://vimeo.com/663909934 Password: AVDVN202201-RM

January 29, 2022: “Ear Cytology-Maximising Diagnostic Information”
http://vimeo.com/671806755 Password: AVDVNT20222RW

February 19, 2022: “Faecal Parasitology-In clinic Techniques
http://vimeo.com/679664414 Password: AVDVN202202KP

March 19, 2022: “ The in-Clinic lab – Quality Assurance – Basic Principleshttp://vimeo.com/689993569 Password not needed

April 23, 2022: “ The in-Clinic lab- Haematology analysers – How do they work?http://vimeo.com/702532467 Password: AVDVN202204KP

May 29, 2022: “Haematology: Most common Erythrocyte related morphological abnormalities
https://vimeo.com/714894354 Password: AVDVN0522KP

June 25, 2022: “Haematology: Most common Leucocyte related morphological abnormalities?”
https://vimeo.com/724294106 Password: AVDVN0622KP

July 30, 2022: “The In clinic lab: Biochemistry analysers – How do they work?” https://vimeo.com/734455859 Password: AVDVN072022KP

August 27, 2022: “Cytology: Different types of inflammation”
http://vimeo.com/746376826 Password: AVDVNP082022-KP

September 17, 2022: “Cytology: Most common skin tumours”
http://vimeo.com/751237426 Password: AVDVNP092022KP

October 29, 2022: “Respiratory Cytology: Which sample tubes do we need and why?”
http://vimeo.com/766019708 Password: AVDVNP202210KP