What’s Behaviour Got To Do With It? – Virtual Conference

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Jan 17

15 – 18 February 2021 | Practical – Virtual – Collaborative

Keynote: Gonçalo da Graça Pereira
Convener: Kersti Seksel
Speakers: Debbie Calnon, David Collins, Janet Etty-Leal, Sarah Goldsmid, Dani Hoolahan, Trepheena Hunter, Jacqui Ley, Isabelle Resch, Richard Seymour, Sally Nixon, Grace Thurtell and Paul McCarthy

You wouldn’t fix a patient’s otitis and ignore the fact it has a broken leg.

Veterinary best practice means we should consider an animal’s health and wellbeing in it’s entirety rather than dealing with issues in isolation. Behaviour is an important consideration in every aspect of a patient’s welfare.

Emotions can influence the development of medical conditions, and illness may change behaviour. Many animals are on long-term behaviour modifying drugs – how does this impact anaesthetic considerations or other medications? And how will your interaction with an animal influence future encounters?

Join us on a virtual behaviour event like no other – where specialists in veterinary behavioural medicine Kersti Seksel and the entertaining and energetic Gonçalo da Graça Pereira are joined by a host of other presenters from the fields of medicine, surgery, ophthalmology and dermatology.

Over 4 packed and interactive days, they’ll explore many commonly encountered behavioural challenges and frustrations and consider the role of behaviour in an animal’s total wellbeing – and provide their views on ‘What’s Behaviour Got to Do With It…?’

Sign up here: https://www.cve.edu.au/EventDetail?EventKey=CSBMED0221