Professional Indemnity 2022

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Aug 30

Here is the summary of the SVA Professional Indemnity 2022:

While subjected to their own deductible, the policy will cover for the following:

Association Liability Insurance (for the Members of the Association)

The Association Liability Insurance offers automatic cover for directors, officers, secretaries, trustees, committee members, and employees of an association (whether salaried or not) for:-

  • Civil proceedings
  • Breach of Trust
  • Breach of fiduciary duty or breach of warranty of authority
  • Successful defense of criminal proceedings
  • Unlawful default

And includes

  • Compensatory awards against director’s and officers’ and committee members of the association
  • Out-of-court settlements
  • Defense costs and expenses
  • Costs of appointing legal expertise

Please find below the PDF policy schedule of SVA Professional Indemnity 2022. Feel free to download a digital copy for your own reference: