Veterinary Surgical Interns – Beecroft Animal Specialist and Emergency Hospital

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Apr 25

Beecroft Animal Specialist and Emergency Hospital is a busy new facility boasting 2 x-ray rooms, 3 surgical suites (one with a fluoroscopy table and C arm), a CT, dedicated wards, an Ultrasound and Endoscopy room, and a rehabilitation center with 2 underwater treadmills and cold laser therapy.

Our current staff of veterinarians includes:
8 ECC vets
1 Specialist Surgeon
1 Specialist in Exotics
1 Internal Medicine Specialist
1 Ophthalmology Specialist

We are looking for dedicated, motivated individuals to join us as surgical interns.

Surgical interns will have primary training under our surgical specialist, Dr. Patrick Maguie, and will help interns acquire advanced training and skills in the diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases in dogs and cats.

Veterinary degree in Veterinary Medicine/Science from accredited universities recognized in Singapore
Veterinary Licence in Singapore
Demonstrate motivation and initiative for learning.

Interested applicants are welcome to submit their resume and cover letter to

Post expires at 6:55pm on Monday July 25th, 2022