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Aug 30

Over the last 4 years, I juggled between private practice part-time and playing a pivotal role at SPCA Singapore.

Truth be told, I spread myself too thin and did a subpar job at both ends.

Therefore, I am finally taking the next big step to build a clinic/team with the facilities and capabilities to provide the best possible standard of care (but no MRI/CT).

Atlas Veterinary Clinic & Surgery

(Coming soon Nov/Dec 2021 – http://atlasvet.com.sg/)

5 years ago, faced with all the frustrations in the veterinary industry, I quit being a vet and changed career path.

We are all too familiar with the shortcomings of this industry:

  • lack of support at work
  • being overworked
  • difficult clients
  • various types of management
  • lack of progression etc

I only rekindled my passion and returned as a vet after seeing the stray/community animals at SPCA.

My time at SPCA allowed me to focus on why I became a vet in the first place…

…to treat and help animals.

This is why the THREE main purposes of Atlas Vet include:

  • Positive & supportive team culture that looks after one another
    • Because veterinary medicine is a team sport
    • “If we can’t even look after one another, how do we expect to look after our patients?”
  • Solid evidence-based medicine (grounded in SCIENCE and up-to-date best practices)
    • We are all absolute nerds and love to geek out about veterinary medicine
    • So we can stay true to our core as animal health advocates
  • Provide community/rescue animals with quality standard of care
    • By supporting SPCA with various medical procedures like:
    • orthopaedic surgeries
    • various soft tissue surgeries e.g. PU, TECA-LBO, GDV, radical oncology surgery
    • diagnostic ultrasound and further work-up
    • Without the human drama and focus purely on the needs of the patient
    • (don’t worry, SPCA will be the only AWG we’ll work closely with 😉)

If these 3 goals excite you, do you want to join my “Avengers” team?

Hiring positions

  • Veterinarian
  • Vet nurse/technician
  • Receptionist

Our goal is not to overwhelm ourselves by trying to treat as many animals as possible.

It is to treat a finite group of patients well, and have some fun along the way.

And we are looking to add a few more team members to join us on this adventure.

One last thing…

A clinic can have the coolest tools but workplace culture is the difference between showing up daily feeling empowered or dreading every single minute of it.

  • New or experienced candidates are welcome – because skills can be learnt but not personality and character
  • All nationalities are welcome

We are a small team so it is important to us that we find the right team member.

If you are interested to find out more, please send your resume to hello@atlasvet.com.sg    

So we can get to know each other. 🙂

Coffee is on me! ☕

Or visit us at https://atlasvet.com.sg/

Haoting Chow, DVM (Melbourne)