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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SVA Membership and renewal
SVA Website / Journal
Veterinary Career
Fees & Feedback (SVA does not investigate complaints against veterinarians)
Lost pets

Membership and Renewal

How do I renew my SVA membership?

Your SVA membership is automatically renewed every year. The annual subscription is $100.00

The SVA financial & membership year runs from 1st October to 30th September the following year. So a one year subscription from 1st October 2011 is due for renewal on 30th September 2012. Please note that membership subscriptions are not pro-rated.

Current membership costs are $50.00 for the joining fee and $100.00 per annum. Payment may be made by cheque to the Singapore Veterinary Association.

If you do not wish to renew your membership, please notify the Honorary Secretary.

Can students join the SVA?

SVA does not have a special student membership category. However, students can opt to join as Associate Members, which entitles them to membership privileges such as the SVA members rate for continuing professional education, conferences and other social events.

Loss of Membership

Any member not financial for more than 12 months will be removed as a SVA member and will lose all membership privileges. The SVA constitution states that any persons removed for non-payment of subscriptions, should they wish to re-join, shall be liable to pay their subscription up to and including the current year in which their name was removed from the membership list. So if you do not wish to renew your membership, please notify the Honorary Secretary. You may want to re-join in future!


SVA Website / Journal

How do I login as a member on the SVA site?

The SVA members only section contains free access to newsletters, journals and the online CPE recording system.

You first need to be an SVA member. If not a member, please apply to join SVA here.

If already a member, you should have received a user ID & password with your membership approval. If you have misplaced these, please contact the Hon. Editor who will re-issue them to you.

How can I access the Singapore Veterinary Journal (SVJ)?

The SVJ is no longer in publication, the last volumes (23 & 24) were published in 2000. The SVA now uses the SVA website to convey information to its members and the Singapore public.

How do I advertise on the SVA website?

Advertisements for job vacancies/seekers can be placed on the SVA website. Basic costs for small animal practices owned and operated by SVA members are S$50.00 per month and S$100.00 for non-members.On top of that there will be an administrative fee of $30 for every transaction made. For commercial large entities (e.g. pharmaceutical companies, government bodies etc) the fees are $150 for members, $200 for non members. Simply send us an email with your requirements, a write up of the job description suitable for publication, and the time period you would like the advertisement to run. We will confirm the costs of your request. 

For advertisement on our website main page, please email us for more information. 

The ad will then be placed on the website once a cheque made out to Singapore Veterinary Association is received.

SVA reserves all rights to amend or reject any materials or advertisements appearing on the SVA website.


Veterinary Careers

How do I get experience / attachments in veterinary practice?

You can directly approach veterinary clinics or organisations like the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority, Singapore Zoological Gardens etc. for work experience and student attachments. A list of clinics in Singapore is available from our website.

Demand for such placements is very high, particularly during school and university holidays, so it is best to contact the clinics well in advance of your required dates.

Please note the SVA does not own, operate or manage any veterinary facilities, and cannot arrange such placements on your behalf.

How do I become a veterinary surgeon in Singapore?

There is no veterinary school in Singapore - training and undergraduate qualifications must be obtained at universities overseas. You may visit the Careers section for information on veterinary career and educational institutions if you are interested in pursuing a veterinary education. Alternatively, you may visit the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) website for more information. Information on application & the requirements for a veterinary license in Singapore is also available at the AVA site.

Can SVA recommend any veterinary specialists in Singapore?

At this time, there is 1 registered Veterinary Specialist Clinic in Singapore. There are also a number of veterinary surgeons in private practice in Singapore who have received additional post-graduate training in certain disciplines or species of special interest to them.

You should speak with your veterinary surgeon to ask about their training or experience in a specific field, or if they could recommend another veterinary surgeon who may have undergone further training who may be able to assist you.


Fees & Feedback

Are there any guidelines for charges / fees at veterinary clinics?

There are no guidelines on veterinary fees for veterinary clinics. Any such guidelines would be in contravention of the Competition Act of Singapore, Section 34(2) (a). However, clinics display their fees and charges for routine procedures and services, so pet owners are free to compare prices and fees and choose their preferred veterinary practice.

Unlike human medical practice, there are no public hospitals, nor university veterinary school with specialists in Singapore. Veterinary surgeons in private practice here need to provide all medical, surgical, hospitalisation services and facilities for their patients, for more than is typically required of medical doctors or dentists in similar circumstances. Providing these facilities contributes to business overheads and hence to the fees charged for veterinary services.

At the time of consultation, your veterinary surgeon will discuss with you not only the diagnosis and prognosis, bit also treatment options and estimated costs of any further treatment. Do note that actual fees and estimated fees may vary due to the nature of the medical condition and any further progression of the condition or related complications. You should regularly check with your veterinary surgeon on the estimated charges during the course of treatment. You can also ask your veterinary surgeon to provide itemised invoices.

I have a problem with my vet. What should I do?

The SVA advises that you initially discuss any problems with your veterinary surgeon directly. If the issue cannot be resolved, you may refer your concerns to the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA), which regulates veterinary affairs in Singapore.

SVA is unable to offer veterinary advice on individual cases, nor recommend any specific veterinary surgeons or practices to members of the public.


Lost Pets

I have lost my pet. What should I do?

Losing your pet is a very harrowing experience. In order to have the best chance of recovering your pet, we suggest that you:

  • gather all the information about your pet : name, breed, colour, age, gender, micro-chip ID number, collar, collar-tag, unique identification marks etc.;
  • write down where and when your pet was last seen;
  • canvass the area for anyone who may have seen your pet;
  • display posters in your neighbourhood with your pet details and photograph;
  • check the found column in The Straits Times Classifieds;
  • contact SPCA (6287 5355) and AVA (1800 476 1600), as well as search local online pet forums;
  • contact your micro-chip registry;
  • contact veterinary clinics near your place of residence or near the area where your pet was lost.

Veterinary surgeons are under no obligation to put up lost and found posters, and most clinics get many, many requests - usually every day & usually by email - to print out & display posters of lost pets.

SVA recommends to its members that they display lost and found posters of animals only:

  • when the poster is pre-printed and delivered in person to the clinic by the owner or the owner agent;
  • when the information is full and complete and includes a photograph ID;
  • if the pet has been missing for more than 12 hours.