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WEBINAR - How to get more clients into your clinic

Tom Poland - marketing specialist who has worked with veterinarians in Australia and New Zealand to help them grow their practices.
When: Wednesday, February 22, 2012
7:30AM to 10:00AM
Venue: Webinar

Wednesday February 22nd 2012

7:30 am Singapore

Tom Poland a marketing specialist who has worked with veterinarians across Australia and New Zealand to help them grow their practices.

Here are some details of the training...


  1. If you're a clinic owner or manager  and you love the idea of a steady flow of new clients coming into your practice  each week of the year - but you hate the idea of having to 'sell-sell-sell' or  wasting money on expensive advertising then this session is for you.
  2. During  this engaging and informative session you'll gain a valuable insight into the  nature of 'marketing strategy' and how you can use it to get generate a flow of  new clients who are attracted by your brand and your message.
  3. And  the great news is that marketing strategy can be implemented without the need  for any expensive advertising and with no overt selling whatsoever. Even  better, it can be systemised so that you create a flow of new clients into your  practice almost every week of the year and even when you are on holiday.

What You'll Discover:

  1. Six strategic steps to create a flow of new clients  into your practice.
  2. Six costly mistakes to avoid when attempting to gain  new clients
  3. Why any form of overt selling is counter-productive and should be avoided
  4. way to develop independent  marketing capability so that you can bring in new clients at will.

    To find out more or to register please click here:

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