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Veterinary Nursing Seminar - Hong Kong

Wound care and bandaging techniques
When: Wednesday, January 18, 2012
7:00PM to 10:00PM
Venue: Mariner's Club 11 Middle Road Tsim Sha Tsui

Wound care and bandaging techniques

Traumatic wounds are a common presentation in small  animal veterinary practice. Veterinary nurses are increasingly becoming  involved in the care and management of wounds and will often be responsible for  initial assessment and management in a first aid situation. An understanding of  wound types, the healing process and appropriate management is therefore  integral to their role. With a variety of dressing and bandage materials now  available, it is also essential to have an appreciation of their functions and  use.

The aim of this seminar is to provide a review of  practical wound management including classification, types, modes and stages of  healing. Consideration will also be given to the functions and uses of a  variety of dressings and bandage materials.

The lead lecture will cover wound assessment, the  healing process and practical management techniques. This will be complemented  by a case based seminar session during which delegates will have the  opportunity to explore different wound dressings, encouraging the evaluation of  new and alternative products available for wound management.

A review of bandaging techniques will also be  discussed with best practice being demonstrated in the context of first aid  care. Delegates will have an opportunity to refine their clinical skills on  models/ manikins where time permits.

Specific areas to be covered:

  • Wound classification
  • Wound types, modes and stages of healing
  • Phases of normal wound healing
  • Causes of delayed wound healing
  • Recognising aseptic techniques in wound management
  • Select appropriate dressing and bandage materials and identify their uses
  • Identification of potential problems and prevention of self-mutilation
  • Utilising different bandaging methods (Robert Jones, limb, head,thorax, abdomen, splint, doughnut etc.)

This workshop will appeal to all VNs & VAs,  regardless of their level of training.

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